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Who is Turnkey Solution?
Turnkey Solution is a team of consultants that are determined to bring your company to the forefront of the digital age, and we'll help you stay there to dominate the competition for years to come!

Today's business owners have a unique challenge unlike anything ever seen before. With unlimited access to information, and no way of being able to weed the good from the bad, more and more businesses are turning to consultancies to help sort through and implement what's been proven to work. Turnkey Solution is Idaho's premier digital solutions consultancy, helping local business owners take a leap into the digital age, and never look back!


Business owners are often told that "money isn't everything." While that's definitely true, we keep your bottom line top of mind when identifying solutions for your company. 


With a combined 30+ years of marketing and technology experience, Turnkey Solution has the skillset you can count on to take your business to the next level.


Our philosophy is to always test assumptions. We don't implement any solution that isn't tested thoroughly with measured feedback, and we're constantly running tests to further optimize your time, exposure, and marketing dollars.


The culture at Turnkey Solution is spotlighted by the amazing companies we've had the opportunity to work with. It is our mission to always lead our relationships in the community with value.

How Can Turnkey Solution Help Your Business?

Digital Marketing

The number one goal of any business should be to bring customers in the door. However, just because this is your number one goal doesn't mean it should be your number one focus. Customer service, cash flow, managed growth, and reputation management are examples of just some of the things that may take your attention and make it hard to bring customers in the day.

That's why at Turnkey Solution we believe that the first step to making any business more automated is to create a steady stream of inbound business with as little effort on behalf of the business as possible. Some of the ways we achieve this are as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Lead Generation Funnels
  • Pay Per Click and Facebook Ad management
  • Website design and hosting
  • Online content marketing strategy and management
  • Email marketing strategy and management
  • And much, much more!

To learn more about our Digital Marketing services, click the link below:

Process Automation

Once you've got a steady stream of inbound clients coming in, the next thing we want to look for is waste in your current processes. Technology grows and changes so rapidly that it's impossible for business owners to keep up with the times.

We talk to business owners all the time who are spending countless dollars and man hours carrying out basic processes that can be easily carried out by a program or string of programs. How is the average business owner supposed to keep up with all of the possibilities and ways to optimize their workflow? They aren't. Most businesses will eventually fail due to a lack of ability or willingness to adapt to changes that their competitors are leveraging to get an advantage in your market. Just a couple of examples of processes that we can help automate for you are:

  • Inventory management
  • Payroll and timekeeping
  • Sales and operation reporting
  • Marketing and lead generation
  • Paper file flows (going paperless)
  • Basic customer service inquiries/ tasks
  • And so much more!



To learn more about our Process Automation services, click the link below:

Tech Integrations

If you're a local business owner who considers themselves tech-savvy, chances are you have multiple different technology platforms that you leverage on a daily basis. These systems may all work great for their respective tasks, but wouldn't it be nice if all of these could work together as one workflow?

With a technology or software solution for just about any problem you can face in your business, it can be extremely difficult to keep it all in order. With our technology integrations service, we can help you sort through all of the mess to create a singular workflow that integrates all of your solutions.

Imagine a CRM that keeps track of all of your potential prospects, while also continuously updating the profiles of your current customers with the details of your interactions, their invoices, online activity, etc.

Imagine your point of sale system triggering automated updates to your inventory management system that will automatically order predetermined inventory when stock gets too low, WITHOUT YOUR INVOLVEMENT.

With today's technology, the ability to automate is greater than ever. But having all of the technology in the world won't help you if they're not integrated in a single workflow. Click below to learn more:

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